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What is Thought Field Therapy (TFT)


TFT is a mind-body self-treatment developed by clinical psychologist, Dr. Roger Callahan. His work is at the foundation of the growing field of Energy Psychology. TFT utilizes the meridian points and bilateral stimulation with a gentle tapping procedure which is believed to facilitate the information processing needed for healing a particular problem. While the explanations for how the therapy works are still being researched, the results of this therapy have led Dr. Sakai and countless others to practice TFT and to teach and continue researching one of the quickest and most effective therapeutic treatments they have found to date.

» Thought Field Therapy (TFT) is like a no-needle acupuncture therapy
» Individuals who
learn TFT can use it for self-healing
» Although it’s not possible to offer any guarantees, licensed mental health care professionals who have been properly trained in TFT are reporting positive results in using TFT for the treatment of e.g. stress, anger, trauma, phobias, panic, anxiety, excessive guilt, depression, addictive urges, obsession, and grief

People gently tap themselves at certain meridian points and in a prescribed sequence with their fingertips. While tapping, they focus on the thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations that they want to get rid of, like focusing on their anxiety and tightness in their chest. Dr. Callahan described the process when a person thinks about an experience or thought associated with an emotional problem, as tuning into a “thought field” and the therapy involves tapping on specific meridian points to treat the activated “thought field.”

It is believed that TFT neutralizes negative emotions and associated disturbances through meridian tapping sequences that are specific to the specific thought field. Advanced levels of TFT work with individualized treatment sequences for each thought field.

Dr. Roger Callahan, founder of TFT and EFT Tapping Therapy discusses psychological reversal, nine gamut, collar bone breathing exercise, identifying toxins. Thought Field Therapy® (TFT) has now been helping people for over 30 years.

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