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Acutonics is an integrated approach to health care grounded in Oriental medicine, psychology, science, cosmological studies and sound healing principles. This effective non-invasive methodology works with vibratory energy created through sound. The sounds of planetary bodies are brought into the clinical setting through the use of precision calibrated tuning forks, symphonic gongs, and hand chimes. We train health care practitioners from diverse backgrounds in the Acutonics integrative care model which recognizes the whole person, body, mind, and spirit and all aspects of lifestyle.

Our believe

We believe in the creation of partnerships between practitioner and patient, student and teacher, and in finding the right balance between conventional and alternative health care models that facilitate the body’s innate wisdom to heal. This approach to health and wellness embraces the concept of a musical and undivided universe. A belief found through time, across cultures, and many healing and spiritual traditions, where numerous references cite the power of sound to create, generate, transform, and give birth to new ideas and new consciousness.


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In Acutonics, carefully selected harmonic intervals are applied to acupuncture points and meridians by means of precision-calibrated tuning forks. The sound vibrations travel through the “waterways” of the body, dissolving obstacles and restoring balance and harmony.

The treatment is completely non-invasive and provides the benefits of acupuncture – without needles – and feels like a massage from the inside out!

Conditions effectively treated include:

Allergies | Anxiety |Arthritis | Asthma | Backache | Chemotherapy support | Constipation | COPD | Chronic pain | Depression

Digestive complaints | Fatigue | Feeling lost | Inability to concentrate | Insomnia | Lack of direction | Loss of joy

Menstrual difficulties | Migraines | Peripheral Neuropathy | PTSD | Stress | Tinnitus




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