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Brown rice benefits


Do you love eating rice but want to lose weight too? Here’s how replacing white rice with brown rice can help you lose weight, and improve your overall health condition. For the love of rice, switch to brown rice asap.

Brown rice benefits: Here's why you should choose brown rice over white rice

When it comes to food, one food item that’s a popular part of every cuisine is rice. Be it Chinese, Indian, Japanese or Vietnamese cuisine, Rice is a part of every cuisine. Some people have rice as a part of their staple diet. They can live without wheat but not without rice. In fact, research also suggests that India consumes about 100 million tonnes of rice. Two types of rice are widely available in the market: one is white rice and the other one is brown rice. White rice and brown rice don’t have much difference taste-wise, but they are different when it comes to nutritional value. 

People who are on a diet, and are watching their weight, usually prefer consuming brown rice over white rice. Brown rice is a good source of fibre, Manganese, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Thiamine, Niacin. Read below to find out why replacing white rice with brown rice is a good option for your overall health.

Weight loss:

Brown rice is rich in fibre, and food rich fibre keeps you full for a longer time. It has six times more dietary fibre than white rice. Hence, brown rice can help you lose weight and is also a good option for a healthy snack. 

ust like fresh fruits and veggies, brown rice is packed with antioxidants and can fight free radicals that are formed due to environmental issues. They help provide essential nutrients to your body and maintain the overall balance of your body. 

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Rich in calcium:

Calcium is imperative for the healthy functioning of your bones. And brown rice has a good amount of calcium, which makes it a perfect option instead of white rice. 

Good oils:

Brown rice are packed with some natural oils that helps reducing cholesterol levels in the body. Natural oil is the best source that can help in eliminating the cholesterol in your body. Adding brown rice in your diet helps in many ways for your heart to be healthy.

Good for heart:

Brown rice contains lignans, which are found in other whole grains and seeds. Including brown rice in your diet can improve your health and also prevent heart diseases. 

So, if you love rice and want to maintain your health, then switching to brown rice is a good option.


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